Plastic-Free Tea Bags

We are switching from loose leaf tea to plastic-free sachets! If you prefer loose leaf we recommend cutting open the sachet to use the loose leaves in your steeper. We've received a ton of feedback from our customers that they prefer plastic free sachets in order to better control the serving amount. 


Learn more about our plastic-free tea bags:

Our bags are made from a biodegradable woven mesh called NeoSoilon. NeoSoilon is derived from sugar cane and can be composted completely. NeoSoilon is a safe, non-toxic, environment-friendly material — perfect for filtering tea and herbal infusions. 


How is NeoSoilon made?

NASA Corporation launched NeoSoilon® in January 2020, a mesh filter for teabags made from 100% non-GMO sugar cane, establishing the world’s largest stable supply system of non-GMO plant-based filters.

Are NeoSoilon tea bags the same thing is Soilon tea bags?

NeoSoilon® is a 100% PLA mesh filter made from 100% non-GMO sugar cane fiber meanwhile Soilon® PLA (polylactic acid) is a polymer resin made by the lactic fermentation of glucose which is derived from corn starch.

How does NeoSoilon decompose?

NeoSoilon can be decomposed rapidly when it is put into heated composting system, and quite slowly when it is used in usual circumstances (so don’t litter, obvs). The degradation is initiated by temperature, moisture, and alkaline material, and can be completely, safely degraded by microorganisms.

How long does decomposition take?

According to this article in the Scientific American, PLA can break down into its constituent parts (carbon dioxide and water) within 3 months in a “controlled composting environment”  (an industrial composting facility, heated to 140°F and surrounded by plenty of digestive microbes).

PLA originates from renewable resources (sugar cane), which makes it environmentally friendly. The sugar is fermented and transformed into lactic acid. The process is then followed by turning lactic acid into PLA. This is an exciting development because it is the world’s largest stable supply system of non-GMO plant-based filters. The bags are then joined at the seams ultrasonically, without the use of heat.

As NeoSoilon® is made from a non-GMO plant-based material, it is so far the best packaging for organic tea. We only sell organic teas, and now that we have NeoSoilon® teabags, it is a real opportunity to reduce our impact on the environment whilst keeping our customers healthy with completely certified organic tea products.

So, are your tea bags safe?

Our tea bags are 100% safe. They contain no hazardous substances to leech into your tea!