Our Story


AutoimmuniTea is a brand dedicated to those suffering from symptoms of autoimmune disease. Our primary focus is to create products for those with autoimmune, although our passion takes us far beyond that. As a company, we strive to be an educational resource, and while our blends provide alternative options for the AIP diet, we value the importance of understanding the impact the various herbs and ingredients have on each individual's journey.


Just as our founders have encountered, herbs can be powerful to healing but not always supportive. Their experiences have led them to create products that consider the complexities of the immune system and how that can positively and negatively impact healing. This is where AutoimmuniTea comes in, herbal tea blends that are AIP friendly yet effective for symptom support.


Our greater purpose and mission is to raise awareness and funds for autoimmune-related research, as we recognize the need for continued answers to the unknown autoimmune epidemic.

We are all unique, and healing is never a one size fits all approach. This is why we always recommend consulting a medical professional to understand how herbs and supplements fit into your individual picture of holistic health.
Join us on our path towards healing and discovery!

Meet the Founders





Karla’s autoimmune symptoms started ten years ago with a painful rash on her face, which she now knows is a flare-up. Around the same time, she began to develop other debilitating symptoms. These included severe fatigue, uncontrolled weight fluctuation, an inflamed digestive tract, and suddenly becoming allergic to many foods. For years she was in and out of doctor appointments only to be told that she had autoimmune symptoms.

The frustration of not quite knowing how to handle this situation led her on a mission to create a community for those affected by autoimmune conditions. With a background in web development & marketing, she created a cohesive brand made to empower those affected by autoimmune. A brand to provide a sense of community and understanding.

Seeing the joy and interest that this brand brought to many, she decided to team up with her good friend and pharmacist, Donna, to create potent products in hopes that they could help others struggling with similar symptoms.





Ever since her diagnosis, Donna has always been searching for alternative approaches to complement her healing journey. Being a pharmacist, she has experimented with various herbs that were “healthy”, immune modulating, immune boosting and immune supporting. Unfortunately, she has experienced flare ups of her disease with herbal remedies that were considered “safe and effective”. What she learned through this endeavor was how powerful herbs can be.

This took her down a path to better understand herbs and how they influence the immune system. This is what led her to partner with Karla and develop AutoimmuniTea; creating tea blends with a focus on AIP friendly herbs so you don’t have to worry about a flare up when you are looking to heal!