Plant name: Cinnamomum ceylanicum 


Active constituents: Lignan pinoresinol (PRO) and a flavonol (-)-(2R,3R)-5,7-dimethoxy-3′, 4′-methylenedioxy-flavan-3-ol (MFO)  


Medicinal Properties: 

  • Known for its anti-oxidative, anti-diabetic, anti-neoplastic, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects in vivo and in vitro  
  • The lignan PRO and the flavonoid MFO are two novel Nrf2 activators protecting tissues against oxidative insults, and these two constituents support the application of cinnamon as an agent against oxidative stress related diseases.  
  • Studies have demonstrated upregulation of genes involved in immune and lipid absorption in the small intestinal epithelium – increasing IgA levels 
  • IgA is the most abundant antibody isotype in mucosal secretion, and 80% of IgA-producing plasma cells are found in gut