At Autoimmuni-Tea we understand the debilitating impact autoimmune related conditions can have on everyday lives. Our main focus is to create products for those with autoimmune, although our passion takes us far beyond that. As a company, we strive to be an educational resource, and while our blends provide alternative options for the AIP diet, we value the importance of understanding the impact the various herbs and ingredients have on each individual's journey. 


The company recognizes the need for continued answers to the unknown epidemic of autoimmune related disorders. For that reason, our greater purpose and mission is to raise awareness and funds for autoimmune related research.


Our products and focus aim to be AIP, paleo, USDA organic, and gut healing friendly.


We are all unique, and healing is never a one size fits all approach.  We always recommend consulting a medical professional to understand how herbs and supplements fit into your individual picture of holistic health.


Join us on our path towards healing and discovery!